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Car Sharing

Car sharing is a great way to share your travel costs (fuel and parking), cut congestion and pollution and help relieve the stress of your daily commute.

CamShare is a free service that matches those who live, work and travel in and around Cambridgeshire with potential travel partners: as a driver or passenger (or both).

Once matched, you can choose to journey share as little or as often as you like.

Research has shown that the average car share user saves around £700 a year (research undertaken by Lift share Ltd).

For example, if you share your regular car journey with another driver, each taking it in turns to drive one week to work, you could reduce your fuel costs by a half. The fewer miles driven may also help to reduce wear and tear and depreciation on your vehicle.

Even if you start out only car sharing once a week, that’s still enough to start showing results.

Park and Ride Locations

The closest Park and Ride sites to Alconbury Weald are:

St Ives Park and Ride – approximately 18 minutes by car Busway Routes A, B & C - buses run up to every 7 minutes into Cambridge, or every 15 minutes into Huntingdon

Longstanton Park and Ride – approximately 19 minutes by car Busway Routes A, B & C - buses run up to every 7 minutes into Cambridge

Madingley Road Park and Ride – approximately 24 minutes by car buses run up to every 10 minutes into Cambridge

For further information on Park and Ride sites of relevance to you, click here.

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There are a number of taxi firms that serve the Alconbury area, some of which are listed below (others are available):

A & B Taxis - 01480 467 846 

Steve’s Taxis - 01480 412333

East Anglia Cars - 01480 700101

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Electric Cars

With no car tax to pay, electric cars offer zero tailpipe emissions and low cost refuelling. The cost of powering an electric car for 10,000 miles is around £200. In comparison, the cost of diesel for the same distance would be over £1,500. If the majority of your journeys are short, now is a great time to consider changing to an electric car.

Electric car charging points at Alconbury Weald can be found in the Incubator car park.

For more information on the electric vehicle charging points in Cambridgeshire, please visit

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